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Paul Dunkerley

We are delighted that Paul has chosen Sala61 to present his amazing new collection of sculptural relief art.  His unusual, beautiful and authentic work has been enjoyed through exhibitions, commissions, and art events across UK, North America and Europe. Available for viewing from the 9th August at Sala61.

About the artist

In 2019, Paul appeared as the winning artist on BBC's Home Is Where The Art Is. He was awarded the Luxembourg Art Prize's Certificate of Merit in 2022. Paul has also been invited by the European Cultural Centre - Italy, to exhibit in their 60th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.


His work is abstract, expressionistic and packed with visual rhythm which makes it perfect for Sala61. This particular soundboard collection is very exciting for us as they bring with it acoustic dynamics, perfect for the performances in the lounge.

Broken Ground

Born in Manchester (UK), Paul Dunkerley is a self-taught sculptural artist with international recognition of his art.

In addition to his signature 'soundboard' sculptures which first featured on BBC's Home Is Where the Art Is, Paul will be exhibiting a personal collection of abstract wall reliefs that invite you to reflect and connect with their unusual beauty.

"My sculptures are meant to make you see and feel something that you weren’t expecting. The mind needs to make sense of the unfamiliar, and the result of that process is the generation of unexpected emotional responses. Being self- taught gives me a fresh perspective and a unique and unfiltered approach to my art.

Artificial Nature
Hidden Meaning

Take a look at the reel of whats coming to Sala61

"I'm always striving to grow and navigate the art world with integrity and purpose. Guided by my intuitive exploration, I create sculptural art that offer viewers a glimpse into the beauty, sense, and connection found in the unfamiliar."

Please email if you would like more details and information on how to purchase.

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