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A feast for the eyes, ears and mind!

We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the rich and diverse cultural scene of this beautiful town. What began as an idea to become a fringe venue to the immensely successful Pollença Music event has grown into much more.

We have met many wonderful people who are using their creativity to capture this island. Wine making, artisan products, turning a wonderful image of the island into a work of art and music making everywhere you go. In the Sala61 lounge our guests will have one of the best, up close experiences to this galaxy of culture.

As well as world class music events from artists near and far, it is the place for celebrating the amazing culture of this island, showcasing the talented people who make and create right here on our doorstep. We will continue the islands history of embracing talent and look towards a new wave of artists who will use Mallorca to launch and fulfil their careers.

Working alongside local artisan businesses and producers we will become a home for them to share their passions and beautiful products. There is so much synergy between music, wine, food and we will include special events that will challenge your ears, mind and tastebuds!

You can also hire Sala61 for private events…more information here.

Sala Lounge
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