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Art in the Lounge

Paul Dunkerley

We are delighted that Paul has chosen Sala61 to present his amazing new collection of sculptures.  His unusual, beautiful and authentic work has been enjoyed through exhibitions, commissions, and art events across UK, North America and Europe.


Andrea Schomburg


We are delighted to be featuring the art of Andrea Schomburg a highly respected artist from Germany who’s art has a global audience. Andrea is now spending much of her time here in the creative landscape of Pollenca.

Her recent inspiration has been taken from the landscapes around her home and in particular the Tramuntana mountains that dominate in this beautiful part of the island. A unique style and interpretation of these incredible landscapes show exceptional creativity and bring a new dimension to the art of Mallorca.


The paintings on display at Sala61 can also be purchased.

More about the artist:

Andrea Schomburg was born in Germany in 1958. After studying art and German literature, she moved to France in 1983 to work with Hans Hartung and Anna-Eva Bergman. She lived in Antibes, Nice and Paris before moving to Berlin in 1992.


Working periods in America, Russia, Japan and Egypt eventually led her to Mallorca, where she spends several months every year painting in the natural surroundings of the Tramuntana mountains. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums, not only in Germany but also in the USA, Switzerland, Japan and Russia and are represented in public collections and museums.

Andrea Schomburg

Gill Lewis

Gill Lewis art

Born in Kent, UK, Gill has painted for most of her life and attended St Martins School of Art in London before her travels and experience led her to a 30 year career as a psychologist and psychotherapist.

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